Matthew Wyatt - Farmers Insurance - Life, Health and Disability

Mathew Wyatt - Farmers Insurance - Life, Health and DisabilityMathew Wyatt brings to the group the resources of a large insurance agency organization.

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Eric Mills - Clean425


Eric Mills - Clean425Eric Mills is the General Manager of Clean425.. Based in Woodinville, Clean425 cleans roofs, gutters, driveways, houses, and windows. They have specialized equipment to deal with awkward and high-up places, and well as all the safety gear needed to protect employees.  They are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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Brendon Diment

Brendon Diment is our chapter's fitness and nutrition specialist. After a bad auto accident a number of years ago, Brendon had a long path to recovery, and turned that experience into a expertise in helping others in their fitness and health goals. 

His areas of expertise are:

1. Fitness coaching

2. Lifestyle improvements

3. Food and nutrition counseling and planning

4. Weightloss coaching and supplements

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Rob Harris

Rob Harris - CryptocurrencyRob Harris is one of the regions most successful and knowledgeable cryptocurrency managers. If you are curious about how it works, and how to get involved, he will get you started and educated on all the important moving parts, and how to make optimal investments in this new age way of buying, selling and investing.

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Dylan Wannamaker

Dylan Wannamaker - Key Bank

Dylan is our connection with the banking world. He specilaizes in personal banking services at his branch of Key Bank in Bothell.

Need some help with opening a medical savings account? Want to explore the best way to using banking services to raise your credit score? Dylan will take the mystery out of it for you, and help you bring order and simplicity to your financial world!

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Michel Abraham

Michel Abraham - CMIT SolutionsMichel has been building, extending and supporting IT systems for over a decade. He currently owns several of Puget Sound's CMIT branches, and has an extensive clientele in the area.

From security to email systems, Michel will make your office IT system secure, and make sure it stays that way.


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Mario Zapata


Mario Zapata - ZO Landscaping

Mario Zapata, in his ZO Landscaping company, has been grooming the lawns, bushes, trees and hedgerows of the Puget Sound for several decades. The third generation of landscape designers and maintainers, Mario comes from a long line of family members who love to work on the soil and the beautiful plants that grow from it.

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Mike Petragallo

Mike Petragallo - Certified ChiropractorDr. Mike Petragallo has been serving the Puget Sound community with chiropractic services for several decades.

Mike's clinic is located in Bellevue, on Northup Way.

From car accident recovery to sports therapy to office worker strain and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), Mike can help you get your back straightened out and lift your spirits during the process.

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Nannette Davis

Nannette Davis - QIVU GraphicsThrough her own Woodinville-based company QIVU, Nannette has been providing all manner of promotional and business supporting printed materials for many years.

If it's got ink on it, Nannette can do it.

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Kathi Galletly

Kathi Galletly - Gift Baskets by Star Struck DesignsA retired school teacher, Kathi followed her life long passion and created Star Struck Designs.

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